Green ResortGreen Resort

Green Resort is building on the tradition of the successful projects of the L & R Company, creating new opportunities and challenges for successful financial partners. The team is formed of the most successful Czech architects, building managers and businessmen with experience with running hotels and spas. The objective is to build a resort reflecting the current lifestyle trends, offering a place for holidays and living in clean and diverse countryside, in line with the tourism development strategies of the Georgian government.



Gestión de proyectos

H2O Group, a.s.

Ing. Libor Vlasák, MBA – CEO
Ing. Kamil Janoušek – Director of the company
Ing. Jiří Jirka – Business director
Ing. Karel Žák – Project manager
Ondřej Šafránek, DiS. – Project manager
Martin Kubín, DiS. – Cost manager
Martin Pátek – Cost manager


H2O Consult, s.r.o. – Financial and Strategy Consultancy