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Kobuleti, Gruzie
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Kobuleti, Gruzie

Green Resort

We are building in unspoiled natural landscape within the close proximity of Black Sea , surrounded by mature pine trees , benefiting from unique magnetic composition of local sand and from exceptionally comfortable climate beneficial for human wellbeing.

Our design and our architecture represents our passion for this country

We are building the most prestigious and ultra modern project in Georgia for all successful people with who share our love for this country . Our project is bold , environmentally friendly and respectful of local landscape . Our design and our architecture represents our passion for this country.

Our people

About us

Green Resort LLC cooperates with Czech and Slovak companies, architects, equipment and technology manufacturers and building specialists.


Planned Construction

The construction work is scheduled to start in 2019, using the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly materials.

Preparing Details

Smart City

We focus on the effective use of existing resources and looking for alternative ones, reducing energy consumption, eliminating the effects on the environmental, optimizing transport and improving life quality.


Bold architecture

We believe we have managed to create absolutely exceptional project ready to satisfy the demand for high quality services by ever growing numbers of tourists arriving to Georgia, but also to satisfy the interest of foreign investors eager to capitalise on current policies of Georgian government designed to attract foreign capital into the country and to turn Georgia into the top destination for foreign investment. Thanks to unusually large and uninterrupted building plot on the shores of Black Sea, we were able to design the concept for high quality, environmentally friendly and ultramodern living and leisure as envisioned by top Czech architects. In this urbanistic project we primarily work with four mutually interconnected zones , each designed to met the demand for high quality services and retail for tourists and visitors .